Bossymamma dips a toe

Who am I? My name is Dina. I’m known to some people as Bossymamma. Bossymamma is a good descriptive name for me. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am definitely bossy!

I love to sew, knit and crochet. Actually I enjoy trying all sorts of crafts. A couple of years ago I set up an adults craft group at my nearest community library, Coronation Road, Radcliffe. I also started the Coronation Clickers Knit and Natter Group which meets at the same place. More recently I began a sewing group at Dumers Lane Library in Radcliffe. I am also a member of the Friendly Elks Loving Hands group which meets in Rawtenstall.

Today I’ve decided to dip a toe into the world of blogging by setting up this blog. I expect my posts will be about sewing and crafts, what’s right or wrong in my world and anything else that takes my fancy.

I hope someone will be interested in reading this – you never know, it might be worth it!


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