Playtime and Bridport Open Studios

My friend, Janet, created the calligraphy of my name that’s showing on my blog, which she gave me for my birthday. Usually we give each other absolutely awful presents, competing to see who has found the worst. It’s a pretty close run thing but I think the prosthetic boob probably takes top honours!

Janet and I now live over 200 miles apart and visit each other a few times a year. We always have fun when we get together – doing lots of lovely things, going to interesting places, eating lovely food and, of course, trying various crafts. I’ve been staying with her for a week and during that time we have made handmade books, done some knitting [YES, at long last I have finished my mother’s jumper – hooray!] and visited several artists’ workshops as part of Bridport Open Studios.

 Janet’s books are on the left and in the centre.
My book [made with Janet’s paper] is on the right. 
 This is the second of two jumpers I have knitted for my mother this summer.
Now, at last, I can knit something for me!
The first open studio that we visited was at Hursey near Bridport and was that of Heather Coley. There was a beautiful array of textile crafts on show, including the covered book below and a black and purple casket, both of which Janet bought.

Book made by Heather Coley
The cover is made from plain cotton and the front decorative
panel is attached to it. The centre section is felt and the whole 
panel has been machine embroidered.
Tomorrow I’m leaving Somerset to travel home on the train. I love travelling by train – you can meet such interesting people. On my journey down here the chap sitting next to me was telling me about his research for his PhD so I now know all there is to know about predicting rainfall and urban flooding! Well, perhaps not quite all!

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