Today was a day of waiting.

I was due to travel home by train from Taunton to Manchester. En route to the station we called in at a craft shop neither of us had visited before. The shop is listed as a stockist of Colinette yarn and Janet was interested in trying some of their yarn. Unfortunately the shop didn’t have what she was after.

We headed to the railway station but were about fifty minutes early, so we sat on the platform with a drink – and waited. I was very pleased that the train was on time! But…

There were equipment faults near Cheltenham so the train was stopped between stations for some time. When we set off again we were travelling more slowly and kept stopping and starting and waiting…

Then came an announcement that the train we were on was terminating at Birmingham rather than Manchester. We all got off at Birmingham – and waited.

The train we were hoping to catch was late – so we waited some more.

We arrived at Manchester Piccadilly at the time we had been told so at least we didn’t have to wait too long! I also didn’t have to wait for a tram as the first one to arrive was going my way! Things were looking up!

I rang OH to let him know when I was due at the tram station but he wasn’t there when I arrived – so I waited.

We went to a pub for a meal – more waiting [they were rather slow at serving]. Then went home and the waiting was over.

Actually, I don’t particularly mind disruptions when I travel, as long as I don’t have a connection to make. Waiting because of an equipment failure is nowhere near as upsetting as waiting on a train because someone committed suicide by jumping in front of it. So, please, if you’re on a train that is delayed, remember that being late for an appointment is far better than being late i.e. deceased.



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