Some of my favourite things

I thought I would write about some of my favourite things today.

You may have noticed that I enjoy doing craft activities! Actually, to be truthful, most of my time is spent doing craft-y things. There is a slight drawback to this which is where to put everything that’s been made! This will, I’m sure, be a familiar problem to many. I don’t like to make things unless I know beforehand what I am going to do with them or where they will be going. That leads me neatly towards another things that I like to do.

I dislike wasting things – natural resources, food, electricity, time, money [my] energy and so on. I get a real buzz out of recycling, reusing and upcycling items – seeing something usable emerging from what someone else has thrown away. At the craft group that I run on Friday afternoons there have sometimes been some raised eyebrows when they have heard what we’ll be making. I refuse to tell the members in advance what it is we’ll be making because they pull long faces when they hear, even though experience should tell them that most times they have a thoroughly good time.

When anyone I know is clearing out or decluttering I seem to be the first person they think of as a person who can use it or who knows someone else who can use it. Some of the things that I have been given include plastic tops from milk bottles [when I can arrange for them to be transported they go to Project Romania in Chard, Somerset], the cardboard sleeves that yarn is wrapped around, cotton sheets, old towels, reels or cones of thread, video tapes, manufacturer labels from clothes, bones from bras, small toiletries, scraps of knitting yarn, the list goes on…

I am rarely stumped by items that are donated but I always enjoy the challenge!

I incorporate most of the donated goods into my charitable crafting, for example, washable sanitary items for Algerian Action are made using cotton sheets and towels plus donated thread, and, pillowcase dresses began when I had lots of pillowcases to dispose of but now people give me bags of pillowcases. I also use some of the donated sheets to make my own bias binding to use on the pillowcase dresses which go to Dress a Girl Around the World UK.

I find it very enjoyable indulging myself with recycling, upcycling and making things for charity and I talk about it to anyone who will listen. BUT, I don’t talk about it to make me look good in the eyes of others but to promote the charities that the items are made for.


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