Sometimes all it takes is a phone call

A year ago my partner was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. As I’m sure you can imagine, all sorts of things went through my head. I immediately turned to the Parkinson’s Disease Society for information. Their website is a goldmine of help and information – I think there was an answer on there to just about every question I had.

I also went to a meeting of the Bury Parkinson’s Disease Support Group who were marvellous. They gave me a plastic box file containing all sorts of information and other resources, including a bag for medication which has printed on it in large letters that it is critical for tablets etc to be taken on time. Did you or do you know how time-critical the medication for Parkinson’s is? I certainly didn’t.

There is research going on at the moment into diagnosing the disease by using a vocal test which does not have to be done by a doctor. Apparently the vocal chords are one of the first places in the body to be affected by Parkinson’s. Early results of the research have been very promising but now they need lots of people to ring and follow some simple instructions to leave a recording of their voice so that they can thoroughly test it. It is called the Parkinson’s Voice Initiative [click the link for more information].

Would you be prepared to help by making a short telephone call? You don’t have to be a sufferer of the disease – they need samples of voices from non-sufferers as well. When you call a recorded voice asks if you have been given a diagnosis of the disease, you are then asked to say ‘aah’ twice [they need it said twice as part of the research] and to repeat a few words. You are given a reference number and can register online to receive feedback.

Please, make the call. It will only take a minute or two – and may  ot even cost you anything [depending on your telephone package]. The number to ring in the UK is 01865 521168.

Thank you.


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