Starting to Finish

This weekend I have started to finish my UFOs [unfinished objects]! I should think just about every crafter has some UFOs hiding somewhere. Unfortunately, mine don’t hide – they’re out there and they’re shouting loud and proud!

I recently finished a jumper I had knitted for my mother. It was the second of the two she had requested. The first one was a nightmare from start to finish – especially the part where I spilled a cup of coffee into my knitting bag whilst on a cruise! I had to wash the knitting and the balls of yarn [and the care instructions on the label recommended dry cleaning!], try to squeeze out the excess water, balance the balls on the towel rail in our bathroom, then beg the staff on Reception for some way to dry the yarn. I had to unwind the balls and put them back into skeins, then find somewhere for them to drape to allow them to dry. The crew were marvellous and provided a huge, powerful blower which they wedged up so that it would blow directly at the yarn. It dried the yarn quickly and effectively BUT made it so tangled it took me SEVEN HOURS to untangle it!

Did you know that men are absolutely fascinated by the process of untangling yarn? They would sit or stand transfixed whilst I worked – and it wasn’t me they were staring at it was the yarn! 🙂

Sorry, got a bit sidetracked there. Oops.

So, I finished the second jumper and then decided to crochet a matching bag. I’m not much good at crocheting, I didn’t have a pattern, but I knew what I wanted and began the bag [with helpful advice from my Little Sis]. I finished the main part of the bag and the flap whilst staying with Little Sis but there was still work to do. Well, I finished that work this weekend – it’s now lined, has a strap and a fastening including a Dorset button handcrafted by me. It’s not perfect, but it ain’t too bad.

I also continued making bags for the women’s refuge in Bolton. I have made seven of one style, which I hope to finish later today, and four origami folded fabric bags [three of which I have finished]. The origami bags [outers and linings] were all made from one piece of fabric that cost me £1.00 from a shop in Uppermill that my partner’s mother took me to. That’s my kind of bargain!

Thanks for reading. Well, at least it passes some time when it’s pouring with rain!


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