Finishing is Fab – FAB is Finishing

Actually the title should read ‘ex’-FAB is finishing. Before moving to Greater Manchester I was a FAB Officer – honestly, my job title said that I was FAB! Who am I to argue?

Sorry, I was just a little distracted in the previous paragraph – but it’s all true.

At home I have been continuing with finishing projects and I have found it to be quite cathartic. As a stitcher, knitter, crocheter and general crafter I often have UFOs [unfinished objects] lying around the house. In fact, the storage area for my knitting UFOs [on the floor at the end of the sofa] was scarily overflowing and looking as though it was heading for world domination! Something had to be done! And I was the one who had to do it. Oh, crikey…

I am pleased to say that I have taken myself in hand and ploughed into finishing projects. Why didn’t I do it before? It is SO liberating.

Whilst preparing to go to Coronation Clickers this morning I was trying to decide what to take to do during the meeting. I looked in my stash but nothing really took my fancy. Then I realised, I didn’t feel like beginning a new project, I wanted to continue [or even, complete] one that was already on the go. It was a real ‘lightbulb moment’. I’m beginning to feel that I own the UFOs, rather than them owning me.

I also have a rough timetable in my head of when I am planning to tackle various projects which is making me feel very much more in control of my life. I can highly recommend it.


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