That’s What Friends Are For

I have a lovely friend whom I met at Chard U3A more than a year or two ago. We get along really well – in fact, we get on so well that often people think we are sisters hence our nicknames for each other: Little Sis and Big Sis. As you can imagine, our siblings are confused when they see a birthday card addressed by one of us to the other!

We first became friends at the Chard U3A Craft Group and we both still have an interest in arts and crafts. We try to attend a workshop together when one of us is visiting the other. If we don’t manage to find a workshop to go to we will spend a day doing a craft-related activity. During my recent stay with her, we made handmade books. Little Sis had used the technique previously and was keen to share it with me. When I discover how to add pages to this blog I shall try to type out a tutorial for making the books. For the moment, however, readers will have to be content with a photograph of the books that we made.

Books made by Little Sis and Big Sis
Little Sis has been staying with us for a few days but there were no workshops that I could find for the two of us to attend. We have ended up pottering around which has been absolutely fine – we enjoy a good potter! We have also been knitting and experimenting. Little Sis bought some beautiful Calligraphy yarn by Colinette to knit a long cardigan so there was some research to be done to ensure she had the right tension for the pattern – Elizabeth from the knitting group at The Knitting Basket in Tottington would be proud of Little Sis knitting all those tension squares! My knitting was also rather experimental and when it is finished I will show it on here – even if it goes awry!

It’s lovely to have a friend with whom it feels completely comfortable to do anything… or nothing. I feel very lucky to have one such.
Long may it continue.

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