My First Fabric Swap

I’m very excited because I have just received the pack of fabric from my swap partner in my first ever fabric swap!

I have been hoping to be in a fabric swap for a while now but didn’t know how to go about it. I need not have worried. A short while ago I was reading the Fluffy Sheep Quilting blog and Cindy was offering some fabric scraps to the first people to ask for them. I requested a pack but, apparently, I was a ‘no reply’ blogger so Cindy couldn’t get hold of me. She mentioned this on her blog and we managed to contact each other direct which was when she suggested that we do a private swap between ourselves! Yippee! My first swap!

Then I began to worry…

What type of fabric should I send? Should I stick to one colour or send a mixture? Would I make some terrible rookie mistake and upset her?

In the end I decided to send fabrics of mainly one colour and, because I was still nervous of doing something wrong, I also included some lace and a few buttons as a sweetener.

I needn’t have worried, Cindy expressed delight at what she received in the package. Phew! And then I began to worry about what I would receive. Anyone who knows me will realise straight away what was bothering me… would all of the fabric in the pack be green!!!???!!! [For those who don’t know me, I hate the colour green with a passion and would not willingly choose to have anything green.]

Well, my parcel arrived today. I couldn’t wait and so I ripped it open immediately. I wasn’t disappointed. Look at all the lovely pieces that Cindy sent me:

What a great selection of colours and patterns, even though it includes green! I’m so thrilled with it that I don’t even need to forgive Cindy for that [anyway, she didn’t know how I feel about green].

Now all I need to do is decide what I’m going to make with the fabric. Oh, and actually make it, as well.


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