Christmas is coming…

Today I have been at the Dumers Lane Sewing Group this morning and the Coronation Road Adult Craft Group this afternoon.

At the sewing group we were working together to produce items for the sale of work at Bury Art Gallery on Saturday 03 November 2012 in aid of the Young Oncology Unit at The Christie Hospital. We spent our first hour looking through the fabrics that we had and then planning what we were going to make. In the second hour we began sewing bags finto which gifts could be placed for children. We set up a production line cutting, pressing and stitching. All of the bags have had a picture panel appliqued onto the outside and the handles for the bags have been cut, folded, pressed and stitched in readiness for next week.

The group wanted to make bags that were similar to some I made recently for the local women’s refuge and so they were following my lead. Unfortunately my lead got lost – oops! – and I made a mistake when we were beginning to sew them together. Sorry, everyone! I soon realised what I had done and we agreed to start afresh next week doing them correctly. Next week we are also planning to make some bunting. We have designed it so that it can be used at Christmas or at other times of the year.

We all agreed that we had thoroughly enjoyed working on a group project and have decided to have a repeat of group working occasionally. We also arranged a timetable for our first group challenge and drew lots to see who would set the ‘rules’. We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Jacquie!

At the craft group this afternoon we talked about what we would like to make in the run-up to Christmas – ideas included ribbon decorations like those in the photographs below,

wet-felted beads, prick and stitch cards, braiding, felt tree decorations, felt gift boxes, handmade books and freestanding paper Christmas trees. I think that’s probably enough to keep us going for a while!

Happy crafting and have a lovely weekend.


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