Ups and Downs

Today I am feeling very relaxed – ‘chilled’ doesn’t feel like the right word to use but perhaps that’s an age thing? I was also very relaxed yesterday. “So what?” you might ask.

I am not a ‘relaxed’ kind of person, that’s “what”! But for a couple of days I have been relaxed – and it’s wondrous! It’s terrific! It’s amazing! It’s also rather nice! And, all the more so for being so unusual.

It took some time for me to understand what it was I was feeling as it’s been a while since it last happened. However, I am rather enjoying the sensation! It is such a novelty.

That’s one of the things about life – when you go through lots of the nasty stuff [and I have definitely had my share] it sure as hell helps you to appreciate any scrap of good stuff! So, even if I have a lousy day tomorrow, it doesn’t matter because I’ve just had two lovely days.


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