I’m No Longer a .pdf Virgin

This week I have been putting together a sewing tutorial for someone who wants to use it in an online newsletter. I don’t know why I volunteer for these things! Well, I do – it’s because I jump in impulsively with both feet then, quite some time later, my brain starts to think about what I’ve done… and panic!

I had hoped to get the tutorial done and dusted a couple of weeks ago but things didn’t quite work out, so I took myself in hand and vowed to myself that I would knuckle down and complete it this week. And I’m very pleased to be able to say that I have done it!

I found the process more difficult than I imagined it would be but not for the reason I expected. I knew how I wanted to set out the tutorial and what steps I wanted to photograph. Also, I wasn’t worried about putting together the wording as I have devised and written lots of instruction sheets for various processes on computers. The most difficult part was actually getting the photography good enough. Our house is poorly oriented for taking good photographs indoors. The siting of the furniture adds to the difficulty. Eventually I managed to get some photographs that I hope are up to an acceptable standard.

Armed with the photographs, the finished item and the notes I had written whilst sewing the item, I sat in front of the computer and put together the tutorial. Success!

Or was it?

Then I had to figure out how to transmit said tutorial to the person who needed it…

I went through various ideas but none seemed quite right so I emailed her and asked for advice. Her reply mentioned Google Docs – which I decided to try but then chickened out of part of the way through – and converting the document to a .pdf file.

Woohoo! I put on my ‘Big Brave Girl’ disguise and did it! I converted a file to .pdf! I didn’t realise it was so easy. There are free tools online to enable you to convert files and they are really simple to use. The one I used was this – click here. Others are probably just as good and/or as easy but this was where my search engine pointed me.

So, if you are a .pdf virgin, don’t despair. There are tools online that can help you.


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