A New Craft Magazine

When it comes to crafting magazines there’s a new kid coming on the block: Make & Craft magazine. The first issue will be published this coming Friday, 12 October and you can buy either the print edition at £3.99 or the digital edition at £1.99. They also have subscriptions available.

The website for Make & Craft is already up and running and looks quite interesting. Even at this early stage the website is fairly comprehensive. All of the links that I tried were active and people are already posting on the forum [including me!]. The magazine has several giveaways and competitions running during he lead up to publication of the first issue.

I looked at the preview of Issue No. 1 and counted 15 crafts listed on the contents page – that’s a pretty impressive number which, if it continues at a similar level, would make the magazine appealing to a wide readership and good value for money.

At the moment the magazine is offering the chance to test and review products and write a review which could be included in the magazine or on the website.

I don’t have any insider knowledge about Make & Craft but it certainly seems as though it will be worth a look.

** I have not been paid or sponsored to write this post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.** 


2 thoughts on “A New Craft Magazine

  1. Hi Jenny

    You're welcome. I've decided that I'll try to share information like this and fabric giveawaya – so if you fancy trying to win some fabric you'll have to check in often! 🙂


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