It’s been a while…

It’s a while since I have written anything for my blog. This has been due to family health problems – most of which are happening 250 miles from my home.

I have written here previously about how marvellous my mother is when it comes to coping with the health difficulties that she has. However, the last few weeks have been very hard for her and have included several bright and noisy trips to hospital [lights and sirens all blazing].

We have all, I am sure, seen negative articles and comments about the NHS – much of which definitely relates to my mother’s local hospital. She and I each have very unpleasant memories of poor treatment at the hands of the hospital’s staff. Any visit to its site would prompt all sorts of bad feelings. However, the local NHS Trust includes this and another, newly-constructed and more distant, hospital. Again more misgivings.

But this time it’s been different – despite the appalling treatment my mother received when taken to the local hospital eleven days ago [being told that she either had the operation or went home!].

Last Wednesday she took yet another trip in the ambulance to the local hospital. As soon as I heard about it I threw some stuff into a suitcase [three different craft projects but not many clothes! Are other crafters like this?] and my partner and I drove down to my mother. We arrived at the local hospital about ten minutes after she had been whisked off to the other Trust hospital. As it was about 3.30 am we went to her flat to rest.

We travelled to the hospital just a few hours later and I was ready for battle. What an amazing and welcome surprise I had…

All of the staff we encountered were friendly, helpful and informative. The consultants who have seen my mother have been happy to include me in the discussions and, most importantly of all, they have actually listened to what we have said and taken it into account when planning her care and treatment. She and I have been most pleasantly surprised and both feel far more confident about her treatment.

So I have learned an important lesson: even after decades of poor patient care, it won’t necessarily always be like that. There are still lots of problems with the NHS but it is possible to be treated with care and respect.

We are so lucky to have a health service that is free at the point of delivery.


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