Seems Like a Good Idea…

Over the past few days I have been seeing posts on Facebook from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics which have begun with the words ‘Project Gratitude’. The idea seems good to me and I have been interested to see what Randi has said she is thankful for.

Some of you will know that some things in my life have been quite difficult lately. This morning, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea for me to think about what I am thankful for. Rather than doing a daily post about it, I thought I would attempt it in one session.

So, here goes…

1.    I am thankful that it is autumn.
Autumn is my favourite time of year: the weather is cooler, the sun shines without its summer strength; the trees are changing colour so lots of green is disappearing – oh, the relief! I findt green such a depressing colour; winter is coming which means there is quite a long time before the weather starts to get hot; and, of course, such beautiful colours adorn the trees. Autumn helps me cope with everything else.

2.    I am thankful that I was offered, and accepted, the chance to retire early.
I have been staying in Kent since my mother was admitted to hospital almost three weeks ago and shall be here for a while longer. I would not have been able to do this if I had still been working.

3.    I am thankful that yesterday, although not exactly successful, was not as bad as it might have been.
I need to put a positive spin on this personal situation.

4.    I am thankful for my three wonderful grandchildren.
My Sweetie Pie, Treasure and Precious are exactly that. I walk into their house and the first thing I hear is a happy voice exclaiming “It’s my Nana!”. Such a precious gift. I love them to bits and am so proud of them. My son and daughter-in-law are raising them to be confident, polite and a pleasure to be with.

5.    I am thankful for my wonderfully supportive partner, Peter.
Peter has been a rock for me over these last few weeks. He has helped me to cope with everything that is happening at the moment. Although he is at our home 250 miles away at the moment, he rings me several times a day to check how things are and that I am OK. Thank you, Peter, for being my rock.

6.    I am thankful for my Little Sis.
She’s not actually my little sister, she is my best friend, but people think we are sisters because of how we are when we are together. We are there for each other through thick and thin. And, we were due to go to Turkey on the 25th of this month but it has had to be cancelled for the THIRD time because of everything that has been going on. [We have decided not to try having a holiday in Turkey for the time being – we are both fed up with it always being cancelled!]

7.    I am thankful for the support I have been given from members of the Shortcuts to Sewing forum .
For me, this forum is a safe place. I can visit, read the posts, laugh and cry at the antics of other members, exclaim over their wonderful creations and eat virtual chocolate. Thank you to Debbie Shore for setting up this forum and to the members.

8.    I am thankful for my passion for crafting.
I really enjoy crafts. I am not particularly good at any one craft but I have fun trying all sorts of crafts. When I was hurriedly packing a suitcase shortly before Peter and I set off on our journey to Kent, the first things I put in the case were the components for three types of craft! Not only that, but I made a hash of selecting which clothes to pack!
Like Autumn, crafting helps me to cope with nasty stuff.

9.    I am thankful for Strictly Come Dancing .
My mother really enjoys watching Strictly – it’s her little bit of brightness during each day. Before I leave her I have to switch on the television in her room in readiness for Strictly. It’s somewhat unfortunate that she has developed a habit of falling asleep either before or during the programme and so misses it!

10.   I am thankful that this is number ten as I am struggling to come up with anything else.

I am glad I did this exercise – it has been helpful to focus on positive things. How long this positive outlook will remain I don’t know, but I hope I will be able to cling on to its meaning.


5 thoughts on “Seems Like a Good Idea…

  1. I can identify with so many things on your list….when things go wrong it all comes at once, but we get through it,though how we do is sometimes a mystery, but good family, good friends and of course, the forum (more good friends ar to be found here) always someone to cheer us up, make us smile, give advice and encouragement and of course send us to the naughty step, when we are particularly naughgty….!

    give yourself a big hug from us!


  2. Dina, It is so good to be able to see so many positives when life throws so many rotton shots at you! They say if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger, I sometimes think some of us must have the strength of Atlas LOL. Keep smiling xx


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