The Sewing Directory

I wonder if you have heard of, or perhaps used, the Sewing Directory? I found this wonderful resource online some time ago and have returned to use it many times since.
What is it?
Well, it does exactly what it says – it is a directory of all things sewing. Actually, it doesn’t cover ALL things but it is a pretty good place to start if you are looking for sewing supplies, sewing courses and sewing groups. On their homepage you can easily navigate to sewing news; information about forthcoming events and shows, sewing-related sales, workshops, projects and much more.
What does it cost?
As a member of the public it costs nothing to use the Sewing Directory -simply go to the website and start using it!
What does it offer?
In addition to all the information and advice contained on the website, the Sewing Directory regularly have giveaways of  various sewing-related items. You could win a book, tickets to a show, a voucher for an online shop or, even, a sewing machine! Usually there is a question to answer, for example, your favourite fabric in an online shop, and a short form to complete. I know the giveaways are legitimate because I have actually been a winner!
There is also talk of three meetings across the country later in the year where members can get together with like-minded people to sew, chat and do other things that stitchers do. The cost of tickets for these has not yet been disclosed but the venues are due to be in Exeter, London and Liverpool. I hope to be able to attend at least one of the meetings.
Why am I blogging about it?
I decided to write about the Sewing Directory because I have found some lovely tutorials and blogs through it – whether from their website, blog or Facebook page. [I don’t use Twitter but from what I have seen, you can access the Sewing Directory on there as well.]
There are all sorts of useful things on their site – it is definitely worth looking around!


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