Sometimes It’s Worth Being Cheeky

I am SO excited!

Life has been throwing the usual nasty stuff in my direction this week. My mother tried to trick me into going to visit her a few days earlier than planned by being admitted to hospital – again! I am very pleased to report that this time appears to be far less serious than the last so I don’t think I need to change my travel plans at the moment. There’s also been other ‘stuff’. However…

Today was different.

Today something wonderful happened: something that sent my mood soaring high into a cloudless sky from the murky, misty low that it reached earlier in the day.

On occasion, I have been known to be just a tiny bit cheeky – only the teeniest smidgeon, you understand. OK – I admit it, sometimes I have the cheek of the devil! And, today was one of those times.

On the Shortcutstosewing forum, Debbie Shore had asked members to post questions which could be put to the guest appearing on Create & Craft TV at 3.00 pm this afternoon. Of course, I jumped in immediately and, when the show was aired today, mine was one of the first questions asked. What’s so cheeky about that? Nothing much.

The question I posed was about using colour in projects – whether the interviewee had any tips or hints about using colour. It was definitely worth asking the question because the person it was put to was none other than the genius who is Kaffe Fassett! The man whose use of colour makes me weak at the knees. I wish I had even 1% of his ability to use colour. He is amazing.

Now we arrive at the point at which I was cheeky…

Having heard Kaffe Fassett’s response to my question and seen that other viewers were sending in pictures of projects they had made, I decided to chance my arm. I sent an email to Debbie Shore and Kaffe Fassett and attached a photograph of the quilt that I made earlier this year. [It is not a particularly good representation as the quilt looks much lighter than it actually is.]

The photograph I sent to Create & Craft TV

I explained that it was my first quilt and that I was fairly satisfied with it, but that it doesn’t ‘sing’ and asked for Kaffe’s opinion on why that is. [On the ‘cheeky’ scale I think that probably scores quite highly!] Much to my amazement and delight, he responded. He said that he thought there was too much white in the quilt and that I had used some very dark colours as well. He suggested that I should try to use more medium tones in my next quilt.

I still can’t quite believe it! I asked for Kaffe Fassett’s help and he gave it! I am so thrilled and extremely honoured to be the recipient of advice from the great man himself. I cannot thank him enough with words. I think the only way that I could even begin to repay his kindness is to try to achieve a higher standard with my next project.

So you see, sometimes it’s worth being cheeky!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Worth Being Cheeky

  1. I am so impressed with your story. I'm a people pleaser, so never get the chance to be cheeky and never take risks. Good for you…you put yourself right out there and received acknowledgement from the man himself. Yay you!


  2. Hi Lesley. I'm one of those people who jumps in with both feet and then, eventually, thinks about what I've done. It's got me into more trouble than I care to mention but I have still never learnt to stop!


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