Now I’m Aiming For Normality

It’s Boxing Day so my thoughts are turning towards bringing life back to something resembling normality. With all the upheaval over the three months, I haven’t had a chance to have my sewing machine out, let alone my lovely embellishing machine. I have tried to do some hand sewing but it hasn’t been terribly successful. This has been because (1) I could not have a good run at it, and (2) when I did manage to do some I didn’t have something or other that I needed. Now that I am at home with nothing that I have promised to do for anyone else, I’m hoping to make a start on some of the things I’ve been wanting to make.

I am one of those people who don’t like to waste any fabric. It infuriates me when I see people cutting a shape from the middle of a piece of fabric, rather than near the edge. It leaves what is often a large, virtually unusable piece, rather than a piece that could easily be sufficient for another project. I dislike seeing fabric being thrown away and have been known to retrieve (clean) fabric from a bin. After I had made my Tumbledown quilt I realised that the whole thing had probably only cost me about fifty pence, as most of the fabric was scraps or had been given to me. When I realised how little I had spent, I wished I had only used scrap or donated fabric so that I could say the quilt had cost me nothing (even the thread andmwaddinmhad been given to me!).

As a consequence of my fabric frugality I have amassed quite a collection of scraps which I would like to use for a quilt – so that is one project I should like to start. Another thing I aim to do in January is make more washable reusable sanitary items. These will be sent to Algerian Action via Loving Hands. I am also hoping to make some “wiggly” bags which are used to hold chemotherapy drugs for children – these would also most likely be sent under the auspices of Loving Hands.

All I need now is the motivation to get started!…


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