What have I done?

It is no wonder that I have trouble finding shoes to fit. I had always thought that it was due to having wide feet but I have just realised that is not the case. It must be because of the obviously enormous size of my feet. They must be huge as they create such a splash when I jump into things with both of them! And, those of you who know me, will know that I often do jump into things – generally without thinking about them first!

Well, I’ve done it again! This time I have signed up to a quilting Block of the Month. ‘Why?’ you may ask and the honest answer is because it sounded a good idea at the time plus, of course, I didn’t stop to think about it. [I shall obviously never learn to think first and act later!] My explanation now is that I signed up as a challenge to myself – and it will certainly be a challenge. Actually, it is probably a good idea to try to discipline myself into doing something the correct way, instead of cutting corners [apologies for the pun]. It may also help me to shift some of my stash of fabric so that I can buy some more without feeling guilty, or wondering where I could hide it.

Please click here to read
about the project

The Block of the Month is being run by Alyssa Lichner of Pile O’ Fabric and is called a ‘Skill Builder’. One of the aims of the project is to help participants to gain confidence in Free Motion Quilting [FMQ] which is something I would like to achieve. Alyssa is being kind to us and making the quilt using the Quilt As You Go [QAYG] method so that we are not faced with a huge amount of quilting to do when all the blocks have been made. I’m really rather pleased about that. 

There will be two blocks per month with instructions on how to create them. Sometimes the instructions will be on video but all blocks should have a .pdf instruction sheet.

If you are interested in taking part just click here [sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to include a link on the actual button above !] or click on the Skill Builder button on the righthand side of this page.

Have you ever taken part in a Quilt A Long? Are you tempted to sign up for this one? Let me know what you think about projects like this by leaving a comment below. It’s always lovely to read what you say.


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