What Would I Like to Achieve in 2013?

Yesterday I read Fiona’s blog post on The Sewing Directory where she talks about how she fared with the goals she set herself in 2012 and what goals she has for the coming year.

Generally I don’t tend to take much notice of the coming of a new year but Fiona’s post set me thinking about my own sewing- and craft-related achievements and goals. In April 2012 I treated myself to an embellishing machine for my birthday – it was a complete and utter indulgence as I bought it as a toy! It was a ridiculously extravagant whim, but I don’t actually care! What I do care about is that I have not had much of a chance to use it. I need to be able to spread everything around me when I use it so it’s best to work on it when Peter is away overnight. Unfortunately whenever he’s been away I have been unwell. 

So my first goal for 2013 Is to play with my embellisher more [including not being ill if he is away!].

Earlier this year I made my first machine-stitched quilt. I wasn’t planning to make a quilt, it just sort of ‘happened’. I was attending a WEA patchwork course (by accident, as I had thought it was a creative textiles course!) and began fiddling with some scraps and trying to do some log cabin. And it just grew…! I’m not good at putting together colours and/or patterns and tend to be quite conservative in my attempts. However when making the quilt I just went for it. The main colour of the project was blue so I simply rounded up all the blue fabric I could find [without buying any more] and began sewing it together sometimes with forethought, but often just randomly! When I had finished I realised how brave I had been in just going for it.

So, my second goal is to continue to be brave in my use of colour and pattern and also to look and learn about colour and design.

In the autumn of 2012 I responded to an invitation from Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting – to produce a tutorial for an item made with fabric that she sells, for which she would provide, free of charge, enough fabric to make the item. Although I had previously composed copious notes and instructions for use by others, I had never attempted a sewing tutorial. Actually, I am almost ashamed of having the audacity to offer to put one together! Well, I set to and decided I would work on the same principle that I use when writing other instructions – explain absolutely everything that has to be done – plus, for an online tutorial, photograph every single step. That was what I did and it seemed to work out OK.

So, my third goal is to put together the second tutorial that I had offered to do, but which had to be postponed due to my mother’s illness. [I have to say here that although Cindy is ‘only’ an online friend, she has been tremendously supportive over the past three months – thank you very much, Cindy, it really is very much appreciated.]

As for my fourth goal, I have already taken one small step towards it. I have signed up to the Skill Builder Block of the Month project that Alyssa is running over at Pile O Fabric . I blogged about that decision and am pleased to report that several other members of the forum at Shortcuts to Sewing have also signed up. The next step for me will be to actually do the work involved!

My fourth goal really encompasses all of the above – it is to continue to challenge myself. It doesn’t matter whether I make a fully thought through choice or whether I do my usual trick of jumping in with both feet, as long as I keep having a go at new things.

Do you have any sewing goals for this year? Why not share them on here? You never know, sharing may even help spur you on to achieving them!


6 thoughts on “What Would I Like to Achieve in 2013?

  1. Hi Fiona. I saw your post about the 52 books. Before I became addicted to sewing I would have signed up without a second thought… But now reading comes a very poor second so 52 would just be a pipe dream! Good luck with it!


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