It’s been a while since I blogged. This partly due to the fact that Peter and I had a few days holiday last week. It was a cheap and cheerful break in Torquay. It was nothing special, just a fairly basic hotel and a couple of excursions on the coach but it really helped to recharge my batteries.

I knew that recent events had left me feeling drained, but I had not realised just how much they had taken out of me. But things are looking up. I have more energy to plan what I would like to do. I cannot start just yet as we are having a new boiler fitted tomorrow – sewing and workmen do not mix! Never mind, perhaps I’ll be able to get going in a few days.

The other thing I am trying to get going on is arranging a date to go and stay with my Little Sis and with another friend at the opposite end of the country. Little Sis and I are hoping to go to the Manet exhibition at the Royal Academy and, perhaps, also take in a show in the afternoon. This time I think we will book tickets as last time we just missed out on seeing the Afghanistan exhibition at the British Museum – the person immediately in front of us in the queue had the last ticket for that day. So near and yet so far!

For the time being I will try to get myself organised to post some pictures of things that I have made or finished recently. I have a review and tutorial that I am hoping to compile and post here shortly, workmen, housework (!!!) and mojo permitting.

And, a little confession. I have decided not to take part in the Pile o’ Fabric Block of the Month. The reason? I don’t actually like the designs of the blocks very much! 


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