Using my Time Creatively

Last week I was making a mat to stand my sewing machine on. I hoped to finish the mat last Friday but you know what they say about the best laid plans…

On Saturday I turned my creative talents in a completely different and unexpected direction. Ever since I effectively ‘retired’ from paid employment Peter has been hoping that I will participate in the fun activity generally known as ‘housework’! I think it is totally unreasonable of him to even consider it – after all, when I first moved in here with him I offered to pay for a cleaner to come in, but he declined. I told him at that point that he could do the cleaning as I don’t do it! And, up until now he has done so.

However, our second bedroom, otherwise known as my craft room, presents something of a dilemma. There is not quite enough of the craft room/bedroom for everything it contains, or, to put it another way… there’s too much in it! Way too much! So much, in fact, that I haven’t been able to see the bed for a l-o-n-g time.

This is where the creativity comes in as I have been finding space that did not previously exist to store my crafting goodies. I have a fair amount of experience in this direction. When I began to use the room for craft it seemed as though the room had elastic walls. No matter what I brought in to the room, I managed to find a comfortable home for it, until the day it reached saturation point! And the problem has just got worse and worse.

I decided that enough was enough and set to: cleaning, sorting, decluttering and reorganising the entire room. I am going through every inch (or maybe I should say ‘centimetre’) of the room, every nook, every cranny, every file, every box, every shelf, in fact, everywhere. I have been fairly ruthless about what to keep and what to dispose of. I have amassed a huge collection of craft-related books, magazines and other paraphernalia, much of which has been given to me for use in the various groups I am involved with. (I may have bought one or two tiny items as well!) Well, after almost three years I have a fairly good idea of what is or is not likely to be useful to or used by me or those groups, so I have pulled out all sorts of things that I neither want nor need. By doing that together with cleverly rearranging everything, I am managing to create the space I need for what is on top of the bed.

This is a long process, particularly as I am having problems with my arm which mean that stretching and reaching both cause me considerable discomfort. However, it is very rewarding. I find that the saying about decluttering your environment to declutter your mind is very true and I could certainly do with my mind being decluttered!

In conclusion, although I was not able to finish creating the sewing machine mat, I have been able to be creative in my storage solutions, so the week has not been wasted.


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