Oh crikey! I’ve frightened myself!

I have spent the last fortnight cleaning, sorting, decluttering and reorganising my craft room. It wouldn’t normally take that long but I am currently nursing an injury to my right arm so can only manage a small amount of work before I have to rest.

Most, but not all, of my craft stuff is in my craft room (otherwise known as our second bedroom). It has been bulging at the seams for a while now and has been in desperate need of tidying. I haven’t been able to see the bed for a long time! There are more of my crafty bits living in the box room, plus items that I have made which are waiting to be despatched, but we won’t talk about them, will we?

I have almost completed my task in the craft room – I have just one small chest of drawers left to sort – but, oh my goodness, I really hadn’t realised how much stuff I have accumulated. Oops! As I see it, there are two main reasons for this. The first is that I enjoy doing all sorts of different crafts, so I need equipment and materials for those crafts. Let me say at this point, that I do not tend to buy lots of equipment. Oh dear, I don’t think that has really helped my case as that means that most of what is there is the materials needed for the crafts. Which brings us neatly to the other reason why I have so much stuff: I really enjoy collecting things to use in crafts. I don’t just buy things, I reuse things, save things, am given things… and then I have to find somewhere to put them.

For a long time after I created my crafting space, every time I acquired something I was able to find somewhere to store it. This continued for a very long time after Peter and I both thought the room had reached saturation point. But then, one day, it did reach saturation point! And now…

Now I have so much fabric that I cannot imagine how long it will take me to use it. In fact, when I realised this morning just how much I have (and that doesn’t include what is stored in our bedroom or the boxroom!) I felt the teeniest bit overwhelmed – no, let’s be honest here, I felt a bit frightened. It soon passed, but the fact remains that it happened.

I have been quite good recently and not acquired much, but I really do need to have some serious making sessions so that I can shift some of my stuff, in the form of useful items, out to more deserving people.

Well, I feel better for having admitted all of that. All I need to do now is put the words into action!


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