How much more green can there be in the world?

I don’t like the colour green. I really don’t like green. I find green an unpleasant colour – it jars on my senses. My eyes dislike seeing the colour green, my mood plummets when I see it. AND if bombarded by green, I tend to become very tetchy. If you want to upset me, using green will set you well on the way.

So, I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that I shy away from working with green. Part of the reason for this is that I am very unlikely to be happy with anything I make that is green. However, sometimes I put aside those strong feelings and make something green for someone. (I sincerely hope they realise what a huge concession it is!) we are in the midst of one of those times.

Alison is co-owner of Cobwebs and The Knitting Basket in Tottington, near Bury, where I attend the knitting group on Thursday evenings. A few Thursdays ago Alison and Clare (her daughter and the other co-owner) were offering a special price on Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Chunky. I had previously looked at this yarn and wondered how well it would felt. I was very tempted to buy some of the yarn but am trying very hard not to add to any of my stashes at the moment – due to lack of space and lack of cash! 

Brown and green are colours that suit Alison very well and several members of the knitting group were suggesting that she should use those colours in that yarn to make something for herself. She said she fancied a felted bag but doubted if she would have time to knit one. At that moment a huge, flashing neon sign lit up above us! I could felt with that yarn and it wouldn’t cost me anything! Ooooh, I liked the sound of that!

I sidled up to Alison – I didn’t really ‘sidle’, I just fancied using the word 🙂 – and said that if she wanted a felted bag I would be happy to make one for her. I’m not sure she could quite believe that I had simply made the offer out of the blue but, after a moment or two’s hesitation, she said ‘yes’.

So, since that night, I have been knitting a bag for felting in brown and green (ooh, shudder). It has taken longer than usual because of the dratted trapped nerve in my neck, which has meant having the green yarn around – and it is a rather revolting shade of green, yuck. Not only that, but the world and his wife seem to be knitting in green, sewing in green, wearing green, driving in green!

Just how much green can there be in the world? And, why does it all have to be around me?


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