It Was There One Minute, But Now It’s Gone!

Please, Miss. Have you seen my mojo? I had it just now, but now I’ve lost it. Just like that. Gone. Disappeared. Without trace.

I have been busy today. Yesterday I finished all the knitting for Alison’s felted bag and so today I did all the preparation for the felting process, plus the actual felting itself. When the bag was felted to my satisfaction I set the pieces out for drying. I also sent a message to Alison as I need to check her requirements regarding lining the bag. I am very pleased with how all of that went today. In fact, I might be tempted to say that I am content with the progress made on the bag today.

Having done everything possible on the bag project, I began planning in earnest for the sewing project I would like to do next. I am designing a bag to contain medication and other items when I travel. At present I use a British Airways complimentary washbag but it is falling to pieces. I did try to blag a new one from BA but they wouldn’t play ball – rather unfriendly of them, I thought!

I decided that I wanted to design my new bag specifically for its purpose. I spent quite some time this afternoon with pen, paper and scissors trying out different ideas before reaching for the fabric that I knew I wanted to use. It is a pretty light blue and sandy coloured furnishing fabric that was an amazing bargain which I bought from a mill shop in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, which has since closed. It was marked at £1.00 per metre so I thought I may as well throw caution to the wind and buy a metre of it. The person who was serving me was obviously in a good mood that day because my one metre turned out to be nearer 1.75 metres! Oops, sorry! I have wandered off the main subject!

I sat at the table with the drawings and mock-ups I had produced earlier, together with my fabric and shears. I cut the main piece of fabric and was deciding how best to carry out the next step. Unfortunately, Peter had finished what he had been doing and was watching a programme he had recorded. But, he wasn’t just watching, he was indulging in one of his favourite pastimes… exclaiming and talking the whole way through. Grrr. It is a habit I find very irritating, especially when I am in the same room trying to concentrate on something! Consequently I completely lost my concentration and couldn’t work out which step to take next.

I gave up trying to make progress with the bag and packed everything away, thinking that I would find a knitting or crochet project to begin.

It was too late. When I lost my concentration I also lost my mojo – it just disappeared. And now I don’t know where it is or how to find it. I really need to decide on a project to start as I have reached a crafting hiatus, but how am I going to do that without my mojo?

I just don’t know what to do. Please help. If you see my mojo, would you please give it a little wave and a smile and tell it that I am missing it? You see, it was there one minute, but now it’s gone!


2 thoughts on “It Was There One Minute, But Now It’s Gone!

  1. I think it's hiding in the same place as mine. I'm getting a real block about tackling some fmq and keep putting it off. I'll do anything to avoid facing those quilt tops that need quilting and I don't know why as I was making good progress in improving my fmq skills.I'm doing lots of planning,arranging fabrics and looking at pinterest but no fmq. Sigh…


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