Repair or Replace?

Last week my lovely Brother Super Ace II sewing machine decided to play me up. It is a computerised machine which has lots of lovely stitches to choose from. Each stitch is numbered and to select the one you would like to use you simply tap in the two digits of its number – easy peasy. Except that last week it ceased to be easy as the buttons for numbers ‘1’ and ‘2’ both stopped working – on the same day! Luckily the machine was still stitching but I wasn’t able to select any stitches that included either a ‘1’ or a ‘2’ – in other words, most of the main utility stitches! Grrr.

So… should I have the machine repaired, or “bite the bullet” and buy a new machine? Although the machine is well over a decade old, it had rarely been used before I owned it and certainly shouldn’t be worn out, but, would putting new parts on an old machine cause more problems than it solved? Then there was the matter of the cost of repair. I was told by someone at the repair shop that the cost should be in the region of £80 – and I knew that I would need to have it serviced, as well. On the other hand, if I decided to replace the machine it would make sense to upgrade at the same time which would mean that a new machine was likely to cost somewhere in the region of £800 to £1000. Quite honestly I did not want to spend that sort of amount at the moment. At times like these a crystal ball would be very handy!

I decided to have the machine repaired as I reasoned that it had not sewn a huge number of miles, considering its age. So now, I am patiently awaiting its return from the repair shop. I have certainly missed it, but I did try use it a lot before it went to sewing hospital.

One or two people have suggested that I should go ahead and buy a new machine and keep my Super Ace II as a back up. I am unlikely to do so as I do not want two sewing machines – and there certainly isn’t enough room in the house for another machine. I know that some people like to own several or, even, a lot of sewing machines, but I am not one of them. All I want is my lovely Brother back, working like a dream – please.


2 thoughts on “Repair or Replace?

    • Hello and thank you for visiting. I’m afraid I no longer have the manual as I passed it to a friend when I gave her the machine. However, if there is something specific that you need information about, I can offer two suggestions. (1) Tell me the problem and I can ask her if she is able to check in the manual. (2) Join the Sewingshortcuts forum (link: ) and post your question on there on the ‘Brother’ board in the ‘Machines’ section. I know of at least two members who have, or had, that model.


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