25 May

I wonder if there is a method for measuring how special any particular date is? Or, conversely, how dreadful?

As a child I loved birthdays and Christmas – those ‘special’ days. As I travelled into adulthood I loved them still and, even better, more were added to the list. Unfortunately another list began during that period – the list of days which became anniversaries of unpleasant events. Also there were some days which I could make up my mind about. i was never quite sure whether what they reminded me of was good or bad.

For more than half my life today, 25 May, has been one of the special days. It’s the date my first child was born. When I met my beloved second husband it was also the date of his birthday so, of course, it became even more special. After my husband’s death 25 May became a bittersweet anniversary both for me, and for my elder child. However, things changed today. From now on 25 May will be in a class of its own.

Something amazing happened today. Life changed today – and, believe me, I do not say that lightly. Life REALLY changed today. It changed in the sort of good way that relatively few people experience. If it is due to luck then I have had several lifetimes’ worth of good luck today! I’m not sure I can believe what has happened.

I have seldom, if ever, felt the way I have been feeling today. I really do hope that everyone feels like this for at least one day in their life. The only way I can think to describe it is:



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