So… What Happened on 25 May?

If you have read my post from 25 May you will understand that I have been in a state of euphoria over the last few days.

Well, it is now time for me to reveal the cause of so much excitement and joy. It is quite a story and you might like to have a tissue handy, just in case.

It’s time for the great reveal!

I was busy working away in my craft room when the telephone rang. When I answered it a man’s voice asked me if my father had married a woman named “—“. Not wanting to divulge personal information of that sort I asked who was speaking. He gave me his christian name and surname and asked me if I was sitting down. My immediate response was “Are you my brother?”

He was. He is! I didn’t even know for sure that I had a brother (actually he’s my half brother but that doesn’t matter). In fact, I not only have a brother but also another sister, as well! For fifty three years I have wanted, no needed, some sort of link with my father. He left us when I was 18 months old and we only saw him a handful of times between then and when I was four years old.

I found out last year that my father had died some years ago but I was too frightened to try and find out if I had any half-siblings in case they thought I was after money, which I most definitely was not, am not, and won’t be. I simply would like something to link me to half of my genes.

When Nicholas confirmed that he is my brother it was as though the sun had only just found out how to shine properly, and all the Christmases and birthdays in the world had happened just for me. I expect that sounds a bit over-the-top but I don’t mean it to. It is quite simply absolute wonder and joy for me and, I think, for him also. What made it even more special was that it happened on my elder son’s birthday, which was also my late husband’s birthday. Duncan is over the moon for himself, for me and for his children. I am so pleased he shares my joy.

I didn’t tell anyone else on Saturday as I needed time to take it in and hug it close.

I am sorry to have kept you on tenterhooks but I was so excited I thought I was going to explode like a thousand roman candles!

My partner and I are still shell-shocked. As I said to him, “It’s the sort of thing you hear happens but you never actually know someone to whom it has happened”. Except that now we do and it has happened to me!

I wish I could cut slices off the joy that I have to give to everyone who needs some.

And now, I would like to introduce to you Nick – MY BROTHER!.


4 thoughts on “So… What Happened on 25 May?

  1. Thank you, Marianna. It's the sort of story that you see in e media but you never know anybody that it has happened to – except, now, it has happened to me! I am SO excited. It's only eight days until I fly over to see them!


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