Update on the Artist’s Trading Card Swap

Very Berry Handmade

I posted on 04 May that I was taking part in an Artist’s Trading Card Swap being organised by Ali of Very Berry Handmade. Since then I have spent a lot of time planning how I wanted to make this, my first-ever Artist’s Trading Card [ATC]. Unusually for me, I began to make the card more than one day before the deadline. [I don’t think my friend, Janet, believed me when I told her I had already begun work on it last week! She knows me too well!]

I finished stitching the card’s design yesterday. I have just had to sandwich the card together today ready to pop it in the mail. Amazingly, I managed to do this final part without any last minute panic or disaster. It may have helped that I practised the actual construction method on another card beforehand in order to avert any problems. ** Do you know, I’m beginning to think that planning ahead might be a good thing?!?**

I have enjoyed challenging myself with this swap. The item that I had to make was sufficiently small that I did not feel overwhelmed by what I had signed up for, as is usually the case. In addition, I planned ahead to clear other things I was working on to enable me to devote time and energy to the challenge, which helped to ease my concerns considerably. Although my design is not earth-shatteringly wonderful, it is an idea that I produced, put into action and completed – on time – without becoming anxious.. So, although intrinsically the ATC is not amazing, as far as I am concerned, my achievements in connection with it definitely ARE.

I hope you like what I produced. As for me, I am busy patting myself on the back!

I apologise for the poor quality of the photograph, I haven’t managed to have my camera repaired yet. Sorry!


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