More Life, Less Sewing

You may have noticed that things have been rather quiet on my blog lately. Very unusually for me, craft has had to take more of a back seat because Life has been getting in the way.

On Monday of this week I booked my ticket to fly to Sydney to meet my new brother and sister. I was oh so tempted to travel business class. I kept justifying it in my head by telling myself that I would need the relative quiet and physical space on the way out to prepare for what was to come and, on the return, for the privacy to reflect upon it. The trouble was that common sense jumped in the way! Although I have said that I will not scrimp and scrape during the trip, there is an awful lot I can do with the extra £2,000, or so, the business class ticket was going to cost – including buying the two new pairs of shoes I treated myself to on Monday “for the trip”!

In exactly a fortnight I shall be at Manchester Airport awaiting my departure on the 09.25 to Abu Dhabi where I will board the flight to Sydney. I am due to arrive in Sydney at 18.10  on 29 June. Although I shall not be flying business class, the airline I have booked with has larger than average seats, so I should be fairly comfortable. For three out of the four legs of my return flights I have window seats near the front, well away from the wings, so I should have wonderful views. I really enjoy looking out of aircraft windows – for some reason it makes my imagination burst into life. I think we may have been flying over Russia when I saw an area with so many ancient meandering rivers that it looked like a snake pit. Flying over the Alps when Peter whispered in my ear that below us was Mont Blanc and there was the route he took when he climbed it! On the flight to Syria, identifying the first house I lived in after leaving home. The exquisite sunrise over Adelaide. Catching a first glimpse of Aconcagua in the Andes. The seemingly endless pampas in Argentina as we flew to Ushuaia to begin our adventure in Antarctica. The shifting sands of the desert. The… Sorry, it’s probably getting boring for you now!

With all the emails, phone calls and Skypeing, the planning and the excitement there has been little time for anything else. That is likely to be the case up to the day I depart and, of course, whilst I am away. So, for the time being, I shall be blogging about my life. I hope you will find it interesting and will continue to read. Normal service will be resumed when I have come back down to earth – figuratively and literally!


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