Preparations are under way

Despite coming down with another chest infection, I have managed to start preparing for my trip to Sydney.

I wanted to buy a large lightweight suitcase to use as I think I will need to take more clothing than I usually would. I shall be staying in hotels for all but two or three nights and I would rather not have to use their laundry services as the additional costs would be prohibitive. Nick has said that I may do my washing at their home, which will be a great help. However, I don’t want to be spending lots of time doing so. Therefore, I need to take more changes of clothes, hence the need for a larger case.

I began researching lightweight luggage online so that I would have an indication of sizes and prices. As the days passed I realised that it was likely to be difficult to trawl around shops looking for a case and, as time was becoming short, if I was going to buy online, I needed to order otherwise delivery times could become troublesome. I need not have worried. I ordered the luggage during the early evening of 16 June and it arrived on Tuesday morning!

The next issue was a camera. Hmm. 

In December 2010 I bought a bridge camera. my main criterion was that it would produce photographs of equal or superior quality to those that my 35mm camera had taken. it had to be replaced as the lens, which had been damaged by the light in Antarctica, had deteriorated a point where the pictures it produced were simply not acceptable to me. i did a lot of research into cameras and sought the advice of some expert amateurs before making my choice. BUT… My lovely camera ‘died’ shortly before my recent trip to see my mother.

Again time was becoming an issue. I didn’t know if the camera could be repaired and needed to decide what I would do if it couldn’t. I began researching cameras online – this time I was looking at compact cameras. My main criterion was that it should have a viewfinder, which severely restricts available choices. I did manage to find a model that seemed to fit the bill so that if I did have to buy new, I had already decided which make and model I wanted.

Yesterday I finally managed to travel to the camera shop where I bought the bridge camera. The staff told me that it would take about 3 or 4 weeks to effect a repair, if a repair was even possible. Consequently I decided to delay choosing a course of action until after my return from Australia and tried to buy another camera. The staff in the shop wouldn’t play ball when it came to giving me a discount so I chose to buy online as it was something like 40% cheaper than on the High Street. I am now awaiting delivery – not terribly patiently!

So, as you can see, preparations are going slowly. I am trying to avoid doing much in order to give my body a fighting chance in the war against this latest chest infection, but, at least, I have managed to buy the two most important items on my list.


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