At Long Last I Have Completed Something

With everything that has been going on lately I seem to have almost lost touch with crafting. Today, however, I managed to rectify that. I went to my Friday afternoon craft group. I’ll put my hands up here and admit that part of the reason for going was to let them all know that I’m flying to Australia next Friday. Next Friday!!! It’s almost here! This time next week I shall be well on my way to meeting Nick and Min. Oh, it’s exciting but also a little scary.

Sorry, I got a little diverted there.

When I arrived at the library for the craft group meeting I couldn’t remember what activity we were going to do – just not concentrating, you see. It turned out that today we were going to be sewing. A few weeks ago we had each hand-stitched a scissor keep and today we were going to make a matching pin cushion. Problem number one cropped up here. I had been asked to bring the fabric we had used previously used – that was fine as I had put the fabric in a bag earlier in the week, ready for today. The trouble was that I had not included the fabric I had used for my scissor keep. Oops! In its stead I chose the fabric that I had wanted to use before when Amy had beaten me to it. Amy wasn’t around today so I was OK to use it.

We stitched the pin cushion by hand, which I found quite fiddly when attaching the top to the base. Everyone else in the group romped away but I simply plodded along. What happens is that when I hand sew, I relax and slow down, so I am always the last to finish. No matter. I really don’t mind.

Others in the group decided to decorate their pin cushions with flowers but I thought, that given the shades used in the fabric, the grey artificial leaf skeleton would work well, particularly with a black ribbon. I am usually given to using dark shades to embellish but I am rather pleased with the result. So much so that I have decided to keep the pin cushion, rather than put it on the craft stall the group are running in August. That wasn’t really the point of the exercise! 


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