Ooh! Only Five Days To Go!

I’m not really terribly excited – honest! (Fingers crossed behind my back!) Alright then, I am excited, massively so. As I write this I glance at the clock and think, “In exactly five days’ time I shall be at the airport”. Yesterday I kept thinking about what I would be doing next Saturday. You know, it’s very difficult to keep one’s excitement under any sort of control.

One of the effects of so much excitement is that I am not sleeping much. In particular, I am wide awake early in the mornings. Well, this morning I put that time to good use and did some more work on the presents for Nick and Min. They are taking longer than I anticipated but I don’t mind. I am enjoying the process of making something personal for each of them.

In a couple of hours from now I shall be driving to my elder son’s home to pick up him and his three children to bring them here, to my home. (He is again having car trouble, hence Mum’s Taxi Service going out on the road again.) The reason the four of them are coming is that we have arranged to skype with Nick and his son, Sandy. Sandy is a similar age to my grandsons and we adults thought it would be good to encourage them to chat to each other and begin to build up a familial relationship.

After I have taken the four of them home, I shall do some shopping for odds and ends that I need – some to take away with me, others to leave for Peter whilst I am away. Although I am not very keen on Burnley, it is the only place near here which has all of the shops that I need for this shopping trip. In addition, it means that I can combine two things in one trip, which saves time, fuel and the environment.

On my return home I should have time to continue making the presents. There is a certain    point that I would like to reach before I go to knitting tomorrow morning, as I have borrowed a piece of equipment from Lilian to help me and would like to be able to return it to her without having to make a special trip.

Stop Press! Although I shall be going to the knitting group tomorrow, I shall not go to the one in Tottington on Thursday evening. I thought I ought to allow myself some time on my last evening at home, in case anything crops up.

I hope you are enjoying reading about this exciting (for me) time in my life. Has anything like this happened to you? How did you cope? What were your hopes and expectations? Did everything live up to how you imagined it would be? Please leave a comment and tell me about it.


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