How Have I Become So Organised?

Well, it’s now Monday night. It has been a fairly successful day, today. I have managed to take more steps forward and less back today and so I am beginning to feel as though I am actually achieving things.

Monday began early as I was awake long before 5.00 am. After lying in bed wide awake for  a long time I decided to get up and work on the presents for Nick and Min. It was well worth doing so as I actually completed each of the presents before 7.00 am. I am thrilled with how they have turned out. They are much better than I could have dared hope. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together? When I showed them to Peter he was impressed with what I had produced and said that Nick and Min should like them. He then asked me what would happen if they didn’t like their presents. I replied that I hoped they would but that, although it would be a shame, it wouldn’t be too drastic. I enjoyed making the gifts and learned a lot during the process, which I find rewarding. I also said that I feel good about having come up with the idea and put it into practice and because of the reason behind the idea.

Not long after that conversation, the postman arrived to deliver my new camera – one less thing to worry about. My travel money was a different matter… I managed to order my cash by phone but, contrary to what the leaflet seemed to say, I could not buy the Cash Passport by telephone, which necessitated a trip into town. 

In the end, my trip to town was successful as I managed to buy my Cash Passport, a camera connector and a roomy shoulder – all things I have been trying to buy recently!

So, today, I am beginning to feel organised about the trip! The only things I need to do sort out now are:

     1.   Booking a taxi;
     2.   The ironing, and
     3.   Packing in my case.

I can’t believe it! How have I managed to become such a well-organised individual? Answers on a postcard, please.


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