Inching Towards Being Ready To Go

As I said in my last post, I have completed most things that I really needed to do prior to my departure on Friday.

I ordered a new camera online last week to replace my recently-deceased Fuji. It is a Canon PowerShot A1300 which, I know, is not the latest model. However, it has the features I want from a camera including, importantly, a viewfinder. I really don’t like cameras that have just a screen. I do not understand how one can take a good shot when the camera is held out in front of you where there is no support to stop it moving. Also, when it is a sunny day it is virtually impossible to see what is on-screen. Why would anyone want to take a photograph when they can’t see the subject? Certainly not me!

As my Fuji is not a compact camera the case is too big for the Canon so I needed to make one. This is when I learned one of the benefits of being organised i.e. it gives you “extra” time to do other things – useful, but boring! No, I must be honest, today that “extra” time wasn’t boring, it was most definitely useful. I used it to make a camera case. Does that mean I’m boring? (That’s a rhetorical question so there’s no need to answer it! Take note, Min!)

When choosing fabric for the case I knew that I wanted something fairly thick to protect the camera. I also knew that I wanted a burgundy or purple shade. I found the perfect fabric, or rather, fabrics and they were my favourite type – free! Maureen had given me some pieces of furnishing fabric several months ago and these had been in that bundle.

I did not use a pattern, I simply did my usual trick of “winging it”. Inevitably it was not completely straightforward but it serves me right. I really should learn to plan and measure! It doesn’t matter overmuch that the end result is less than perfect as I had actually hoped to make it from felt but had realised that Australian Customs might not allow it into their country. As it was a very pretty piece of purple felt that I had made some time ago, I did not want it to be confiscated. I may well make a purple felt cover at a later date. For the time being, though, I used the free fabric.

I found that using two thicknesses of furnishing fabric made the seams too thick and difficult to handle. That bulk also made it awkward using the buttonhole foot. The resulting buttonhole ended up with jumps in the stitching and was shorter than it should have been. That made for some interesting times with the stitch unpicker!

As you can see, the end result is way from perfect but that doesn’t matter to me as it will do the job that I need it to do. Plus, I do not want to spend a lot of time worrying about the case before I depart. I am trying to avoid as much stress as possible, at the moment! At least I am inching towards being ready to go!


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