I Need to Lie Down in a Darkened Room

Preparations are going well for my departure in less than two days. TWO DAYS? Oh my goodness, the time is almost here! In less than three days I shall have met my brother, Nick, and soon after I shall meet Min. Oh, wow! Can you tell that I am excited? I just keep grinning to myself.

All the excitement has been getting to me and making me do strange things. Today I was even doing ironing! This is getting serious! My sister, Maria, (the one I’ve had my entire life) happened to ring me whilst I was engaged in this enthralling activity. It was she who suggested lying down in a darkened room, and I think she might be right!

I have a few more small tasks to complete today so that I can have tomorrow more or less clear to concentrate on packing. 

I’m so organised! I wonder if someone performed a personality transplant on me when I was sleeping!


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