The Bossymamma Has Landed

It is 14.52 on Saturday in the UK and 23.52 in Sydney.

My flight landed at 18.00 and as soon as it stopped by the gate I jumped out of my seat and took my cabin luggage down from the overhead locker. I could hear a member of the cabin crew calling me to tell me to sit down but I was in too much of a hurry to meet Nick and wanted to be able to dash off the plane as soon as possible. Huh! Fat lot of good that was! I was in row 40 and it took so long to disembark that I am sure every seat in every row in front of me must have had at least three occupants. Why are people so S-L-O-W when I am in a hurry? Didn’t they realise that such a major event was unfolding? 

I did manage to jump a few places in the queue by telling people why I was so desperate, but not enough to make a significant difference. Eventually, after what seemed an age, I finally stepped off the plane. I dashed along to Passport Control, where I was dealt with very quickly, then through to Baggage Reclaim. It felt like three hours that I had to wait for my suitcase to appear. Then, when I went to Customs/Quarantine, I was told to go to area 1. As soon as I was checked there they sent me to the red carpet area. No, this doesn’t mean you are famous, it means they are going to have sniffer dogs check you for drugs and other contraband. I passed that test with flying colours.

And so… out to the Arrivals Hall to meet my brother…


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