A Ferry Nice Day

On Sunday morning Nick travelled into Sydney by train and met me at the hotel. We began the day discussing what we were going to do, over a cup of tea. The weather was dull and it looked as though it as going to rain – for about the gazillionth day in a row in Sydney, but we didn’t allow hat to dampen our spirits.

Nick suggested that we begin with a bit of an orientation exercise so we headed towards the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) which is a shopping mall. En route he showed me the locations of the entrances to Town Hall station. We then entered QVB. It is stunning. It is an old building which has been renovated and turned into a beautiful shopping arcade – to call it a ‘mall’ is really to malign it. The arcade reminds me of Burlington Arcade in London’s Mayfair, with slightly less exclusive shops. It houses two huge clocks, one of which is quite extraordinary, with painted scenes and turning wheels to show the time.

From QVB, we travelled to Circular Quay by train after Nick had showed me various aspects of the station and train system. We had agreed to catch a ferry from Circular Quay to Manly. On the ferry, Nick pointed out lots of places of interest – he is a very well-informed and attentive host, and I did the whole tourist thing of taking photographs of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, amongst other things. 

When we arrived in Manly, we walked down a busy shopping street to the beach. The surf was up enough to make it a reasonable surfing day, but not enough to make an interesting photo! Having seen the beach, we went in search of lunch and found a cafe in a nearby side street. What a lucky find! Our waitress was absolutely delightful and it was a real pleasure to be served by her – both of us commented about it. Whilst chatting with her, Nick mentioned our story and she was literally moved to tears by it. I don’t think it would be putting it too strongly to say that she really added to our enjoyment of the day.

We lingered over lunch then headed in the direction of the return ferry, via any shop that might sell men’s wallets. Please note that it was the man who wanted to go shopping!

On our return to Circular Quay we caught the train to Strathfield to go to Nick and Krissy’s home. Krissy had cooked a delicious dinner and the three of us, with their son Sandy, enjoyed eating and talking. After dinner Nick drove me to the hotel and we agreed that I would catch the train to Strathfield in the morning where Nick would collect me from the station and we would go to Katoomba.


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