Getting To Know You

I’ve just remembered which film the song “Getting To Know You” is from – The King and I. Now, just because this post is about getting to know my brother, that doesn’t mean he’s a king! Goodness me! I can’t have a man getting above his station – perish the thought!

Back to the matter in hand.

I walked through to the Arrivals Hall which, although it wasn’t completely packed, certainly had too many people for me to be able to see Nick when I scanned the crowds. I paused at the end of the walkway for another look around and caught sight of him coming towards me. I was meeting my brother. For the first time. He was here in front of me. We said hello and then had a huge hug. It was so good to hold him close and draw him into my physical world. Then we started chatting. I don’t know whether it was because of all the emails, phone calls and skypeing, but it all just came naturally. Actually, it probably wasn’t any of those things as his initial call to me lasted about an hour and a half and when I rang him back a few minutes later, we spoke for another hour or more. Strangers, but not strangers. Brother and sister who had only known each other existed for five weeks – it was day 36 of our “relation”-ship.

I was so pleased that we had agreed beforehand that he would meet me alone as I didn’t want to share that moment. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted it to be on television.

He had brought a Fire Service car to the airport – bright red with all the official stuff emblazoned on it, but he didn’t use the Blues and Twos (here they call it “Under Siren”) – the child in me was very disappointed.

The brother/sister teasing began in the car on our journey into the city. I pointed to a red lit sign and asked if the structure it was on was the Sydney Tower. His response? No, it’s a crane. It wasn’t – the crane was further to the left and I knew exactly which one that was. So now the Sydney Tower has been renamed The Crane. You need to know that for when you next visit Sydney, otherwise if you ask for the Tower, no-one will understand what you are looking for!


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