I’m Ashamed of Myself!

I have just glanced at my last post and am thoroughly ashamed of myself. One of the very few sentences I read contained the word ‘would’ THREE times! Twice is bad enough, but three is dreadful and I am hanging my head in shame. As my teachers always used to say on my school reports, I must try harder.

Moving on to something more interesting (I hope!), our day in Katoomba.

I awoke to a bright and sunny Monday morning after a pretty good night’s sleep and was feeling fairly similar to the weather. When I was checking out the breakfast buffet, Lawrence, the owner of the restaurant attached to the hotel, came and began chatting with me. He asked if I was staying at the hotel for three weeks and I confirmed that I would be. He said that if there is anything that I would like for breakfast I should just let him know, so I have already put in a request for croissants. We continued talking and he told me that he had lived in the UK for several years although he originally came from South Africa.

After breakfast I ventured out of the hotel on my own for the first time since I arrived. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to track down the place I was going as the route was quite complicated but, in true superwoman style, I was successful. I found the shop on the diagonally opposite corner from the hotel! Bear Grylls would be looking on in awed respect. OK, perhaps not, but I enjoyed writing this silly paragraph!

Nick rang and we agreed a time for me to be at Strathfield station where he would collect me. He said it would take about fifteen minutes to get there on the train. En route to Town Hall station, I called in at the bank to enquire about some business I needed to deal with in Adelaide with my sister, Maria. The young woman who dealt with my query was asking about my trip to Australia and I told her our story. She was amazed and delighted, saying that she has no siblings because of the ‘one child’ rule in China. It was a strange coincidence as Nick and I had been talking about that policy the previous day.

On leaving the bank I went into the station to catch the train and managed to figure out which line, which platform and how to find the platform I needed. I have to say that the London Underground and Paris Metro are easier to negotiate. I wasn’t quite so successful at Strathfield. Nick had given me a tip for finding the right exit, the trouble was I had forgotten which direction he said I had to walk in relation to that of the train! Consequently I exited from the wrong end – of course. Luckily, the station was hit by a power cut just as I was going out so I was able to go through the automatic gates with no problem when I turned round to reach the other exit!

Nick was already parked across the road waiting for me so we wasted no time in setting off for the Blue Mountains.


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