This One IS About Katoomba – Honestly!

My last post was going to be about Katoomba but I ran out of time. Sorry! I’ll tell you about Katoomba now.

Katoomba is around 100 km to the west of Sydney, in the Blue Mountains. At the southern end of the town is a viewpoint which overlooks the Three Sisters – a rock formation consisting of three peaks. Also in Katoomba is Nick and Min’s mother, Nancy, whom Nick was going to introduce me to.

Before reaching Katoomba itself, Nick drove to Sublime Point so that I could see the Three Sisters from a quieter spot. The view of the whole area was spectacular!

View of the Three Sisters from Sublime Point

When you look at the photograph you will notice a blue tinge. This is not a problem with the camera but, rather, an indication of how the area acquired is name. They are called the Blue Mountains because of the blue haze that hangs over them. The haze is caused by droplets of oil from the Eucalyptus trees that hang in the air. As dusk approaches the haze can be seen forming and it looks like blue smoke.

We left Sublime Point and drove to Nancy’s home in Katoomba. Just down the road from her home is a building that used to be a Youth Hostel. My partner, Peter, had stayed there when he visited Katoomba in 2002 and said I should look for it. As I’m such a kind person (!), I took a photo of it for him.

The old Youth Hostel building in Katoomba

And so, the moment had come to meet Nick’s mother. It was far easier than I had imagined. She was generous in her sharing of stories about my father, of whom I have no memories, and showing me photographs and other mementos of him. Nick had not seen some of the items previously and was as interested as I. He is going to scan the pictures and papers so that Maria and I may each have copies.



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