Three Sisters and Three Sisters

My iPad sometimes plays up when I am writing a blog post or trying to edit one, so please forgive me if a post seems to just stop dead, rather coming to a natural end. That’s why the word ‘some’ is on its own at the end of my previous post – just in case you were wondering!

When we had been with Nick’s mother for a while, Nick drove me through the town centre and on to Echo Point, the main viewing area for the Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters seen from Echo Point

It is a wondrous view from Echo Point but, for me, it was rather spoilt by the number of people there, even though it wasn’t crowded. Having said that, you can see from the photograph above, that it was an extensive view. When I looked at the Three Sisters on Google Earth, I didn’t imagine the view would be so spectacular!

The photograph above was taken from the lower viewing platform, which is situated on an overhang and is just below the main viewing area. I think the views are better from the lower platform, but others may disagree.

Upon leaving Echo Point, Nick drove us along a track slightly to the west. There were more wonderful views to be had from there, including this one of the ‘Ruined Castle’.

The ‘Ruined Castle’

The Ruined Castle is known as such because when people first saw it, they thought it had 
been built by Aborigines. In fact, it is a rock formation.

Nick explained to me that Australia is the most geologically stable area in the world as there are no faults or fissures in its tectonic plates. The Blue Mountains have remained, virtually unchanged geologically speaking, for millions of years. He told me that the Blue Mountains looked like this even before the Himalayas existed. I don’t know about you, but I find that mind-boggling.


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