Another Visitor Today

We’re going to miss out Tuesday and Wednesday for the moment as today I have a visitor, a rather unwelcome visitor. I had hoped that this particular visitor would not appear whilst I’m in Australia but it seems it was a forlorn hope.

Allow me to introduce you to Ang Zya Tee, someone I have known for quite some time but who is a real bore to have around. I had hoped to avoid her whilst in Oz but that obviously wasn’t to be. Some of you may already be well-acquainted with her, but I doubt anyone is pleased when she appears. She is very skilled at turning up at the most inconvenient times and making a dreadful nuisance of herself. It is difficult to explain how disappointed I am that she has decided to visit this morning.

I remember being told by someone who should know better that I must know why she turns up. I also remember being so frustrated and angry at that comment. Most times, I find it impossible to understand why she’s around.

Well, today I have to figure out how best to deal with Ang Zya Tee. Believe me, Anxiety is no friend of mine.


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