More Than Just Shopping

 On Tuesday Min and I did more than just shopping. We’re not complete airheads, you know!

During the afternoon we walked through the streets of Sydney to the State Library. The Library is on Macquarie Street alongside the Parliament BuildingSydney HospitalSydney Mint Museum and Hyde Park Barracks. It is remarkably bright, airy and spacious inside.

We headed for the current exhibitions: World Press Photo Competition 2013, Sydney Morning Herald Photos 1440 and also a display of photographs entitled Black on WhiteBlack on White is a series of photographs of people who identify as Aboriginal who were holding a white board upon which they had written their feelings about white Australians. The photographs in all three exhibitions/displays were very powerful images. Min lectures in Ethics at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst and has a particular interest in the Aboriginal situation.

Min and I returned to the hotel after we had left the State Library, arriving a little late to meet Nick. The three of us then took the bus to Newtown (at least I think that’s where we went!) to meet Krissy and Sandy for dinner at an Indian restaurant.

On Wednesday, Min and I had the entire day to ourselves. We decided to begin with a trip to the shopping mall at Birkenhead Point. When we had alighted from the bus near the mall a chap came up to us to ask for directions to the mall. We began talking to him. His name was Peter and he was a keen cyclist. In fact, he had just returned from cycling in the Alps with his son. He asked me if I was on holiday which led us to tell him the story of how we had come to know and meet each other. He then told us a similar thing had happened to him twenty years ago! It was a pleasant walk from the bus to the mall chatting with Peter.

The actual shopping mall didn’t seem to be particularly interesting as we entered. However, there was one surprise…the view through the huge windows at the far end of the mall!

That view!

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