Thursday Didn’t Start Very Well

I have already posted about Thursday morning’s unwelcome visitor but there is a little more to add. Just as I was finishing writing that post, the telephone rang. It was my brother, Nick, telling me that he had arrived downstairs – he was going to be having breakfast with Min and me. When I met him he asked me how I was and I told him about my unwelcome visitor and explained that it is a long-standing problem. He was really lovely, especially when I became a little tearful. He’s shaping up to be a pretty good brother!

He asked me to guess what he had booked me into next Monday. My first thought was that he had arranged for me to do the Skywalk at the top of the Crane (otherwise known as the Sydney Tower), knowing that I am not keen on heights, but he said that he hadn’t. My next guess was a helicopter ride – nope! He said it was something just right for me, so then I guessed that it was a craft class – and I was right! He said he had seen a workshop advertised in the local paper to do traditional Aboriginal grass weaving so he had rung to book a place for me. How cool is that? When he rang they told him there were no places available but he told me he then took a leaf out of my book and laid it on a bit thick about how I had come from the UK etc etc. They said they would ring him back the next day but had, in fact, rung him a few minutes later to say they would squeeze me in! My unwelcome visitor, Ang Zya Tee, disappeared into thin air immediately. And, as for Nick, he’s not a pretty good brother – he’s a great brother! I think I’ll keep him for the long haul.

Just after Nick’s most welcome revelation, Min joined us and the three of us had an enjoyable breakfast. Nick left us after breakfast. As Min was travelling back to Bathurst later in the day she checked out of her room and left her bags in my room whilst we went out. We decided to give ourselves some relaxed time to get to know each other more.

The first thing we did was head to the Kinokuniya Bookshop in The Galeries. It is the best bookshop that we have been to during the last few days. We spent quite a long time in there, including having a drink in their cafe. When we left we decided to walk to Hyde Park, which was near to our hotel, to sit and chat. Whilst sitting on the bench near the Anzac memorial, an Ibis walked near us. I have never had an Ibis so close to me, although Peter (my partner) had old me about them.
We headed off from the park for a late lunch after which Min left to catch her train back to the country. We don’t yet know exactly when we’ll meet up again but it may be that I shall travel out to Bathurst to see her and her family.


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