It’s One Of Those Places That You Have To See

Bondi Beach –
Looking South

Yep, it’s certainly one of those places that people expect you to have visited if you have been to Sydney. 

Bondi Beach. Not somewhere I was particularly bothered about seeing but I thought I had better go there so Nick and I agreed that we would drive there. We also agreed that we wouldn’t bother parking, just drive there, turn around and leave. And that’s what we did.

As Nick drove the car onto the road that goes along by the beach itself, the appearance of the buildings changed completely. Suddenly it looked like almost any seaside resort. There was just that ‘look’. I could not figure out why Bondi Beach is so famous or so popular. I had imagined a very long, straight stretch of beach, in an area that was not particularly built up – more ‘beach bum’, less real estate nightmare. OK, it has white sand and blue sea, but that seems to be all there is to commend it. It is too busy and too built-up. Properties are crammed in everywhere. More my idea of hell than heaven!

Bondi Beach –
Looking North

As you can see in my photographs, it is surrounded by buildings. Admittedly my pictures are not great, but all of them were taken from the car – we wanted to be able to escape!

So, that was Saturday. Well, that plus looking for a laptop for Maria – the sister in Adelaide.


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