The Rocks That Rock

The Rocks on a Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning I decided to go to Circular Quay and on from there to The Rocks. My plan included a visit to Cadman’s Cottage, which is the oldest surviving residential building in Sydney.

My day began with a walk to Elizabeth Street, which runs alongside Hyde Park, to hop on the 555 shuttle bus which goes to Circular Quay on its route around the city. I had walked quite a distance along Elizabeth Street before the bus arrived. It seemed as though in no time at all we reached Circular Quay. I stepped off the bus and crossed the road to the waterfront. As I had expected, there were crowds of people milling around.

I headed off towards the Rocks and the first thing I espied was a unicyclist performing in front of a sizeable crowd.

Unicyclist at The Rocks

He certainly had all the patter to go with his performance but I lost interest quite early on so walked away. From there I headed up the road towards a street market.

The Street Market at The Rocks


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