Friends Old and Friends New

We’ll begin with Friends New.

At the workshop on Monday I sat at the corner of the table and four of us were chatting together. I had asked at the start of the workshop if it would be OK to take photographs and mentioned that I may well post some on my blog. Kerrie and the three others around my corner had a good laugh at the name of my blog!

My three companions

There was a lovely atmosphere between the four of us and we chatted away like old friends. Corinne, who is seated in the middle, said she would have a look at my blog. I was very pleasantly surprised the following morning to receive an email from her. I quickly replied and the two of us are hoping to visit Kerrie’s studio together next week.

At the end of the workshop, Nick came in to see how the workshop had been and I told everyone how lovely he was for booking me onto it! He and I then left to visit an old friend of his, Bob. Bob was taking us to lunch at a Lebanese restaurant. He is very keen on Lebanese food and chose a wide selection of dishes for us to try. The food was delicious and I really enjoyed it. I wanted to eat more to prolong the pleasure but knew that I was full and would suffer greatly if I ate any more!

After lunch we returned to Bob’s house and I was given a guided tour. Bob had the house built and has lived in it for about eighteen months. It is beautifully light and spacious. I particularly liked the layout of the house.

Nick had bought a Dyson cleaner for Bob on Saturday but Bob was having problems with it.   What a pleasant interlude I had – watching two men puzzling over a Dyson!

“Is this what you have to do?”


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