This One’s A Biggie!

Tuesday morning. Oh, wow! Today’s the day! Do I feel nervous? Excited? Happy? Angry? Mixed up? Worried? 

Well… I didn’t feel angry, nor did I feel worried, but I think I probably felt all of the others and more at some stage.

Tuesday was the day that had been agreed for me to meet my Uncle Mimi and my cousin, Walter. I think Walter will forgive me if I concentrate on meeting his father as it was a momentous occasion for each of us.

Seven short weeks ago I didn’t know anything about my father’s family. My parents separated when I was about 18 months old and I have no memories of my father. Everything I knew, or thought I knew about him was secondhand. It has also turned out that most of what he told my mother about his family was untrue. I thought I knew that I had an uncle called Guiseppe whereas, in fact, all I knew was that my father had said he had a brother called Guiseppe – he didn’t. He had loads of brothers and a couple of sisters, but none was called Guiseppe. What a ridiculous thing to lie about!

So… one uncle I do know exists is my Uncle Mimi (that’s his nickname in the family) – and I met him yesterday! It was a terrifically moving experience.Nick and I were sitting outside a cafe having a drink when he told me that Walter was coming along the road with his father. My heart was fit to burst when I saw Uncle Mimi. He approached me, kissed me in greeting and then we hugged. He had tears in his eyes and was apologising to me. I didn’t want him to apologise, I didn’t need him to apologise. Nothing mattered but that he and I were meeting at last. I just wanted to hold his hand and look at him.

There Is so little about my father to be proud of and, quite honestly, I don’t think I can be bothered to waste time looking for anything good to say about him. Neither will I accept excuses that anyone tries to use to justify the cruel lies he told. All these years later I am meeting members of our family, so many years late but certainly not too late. I am so lucky that Nick had the courage to contact me but I won’t ever be able to show him just how glad I am that he did.


2 thoughts on “This One’s A Biggie!

  1. such an emotional post. What a shame you missed out all this time, but how wonderful to get the chance to meet now.
    We can't change the past but it sounds as if you are having a great time in the resent and will in future.


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