On Tuesday, I…

I was thinking about what I wanted to do on Tuesday and started checking out the ‘what’s on’ guides in print and online. I discovered there was to be a screening of an interesting-sounding film at Glebe library, starting at 12.00 midday. I looked at the bus travel website for Sydney and saw which services went to Glebe, then I went to the local convenience store and bought my prepay bus tickets.

When I boarded the bus, I asked the driver if he could let me know when I needed to get off – he said he would. Only, he didn’t! He forgot! He told me to remain on the bus whilst he drove it to the loop by the waterfront. At the waterfront, he and I chatted about the view and about Sydney. There is an excellent view of ANZAC Bridge from that turning area. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a photograph of it!

The bus set off after a few minutes and the driver advised me where to get off. He even pointed out the library building for me. I went straight there as I didn’t want to be late. Ha ha! I was a whole day late! Oops, silly me! It was on Tuesday and this was Wednesday!

In the afternoon I went to an exhibition about Lachlan Macquarie who was a Governor here in the very early 19th century. Macquarie’s governorship seems to have been popular. Certainly many places bear the name Macquarie.

As I was wending my way back to the hotel I received a call from Nick who suggested that we ascend the Sydney Tower when we met. I readily agreed. Although I am scared of heights and really don’t like going so high in lifts, I wanted to see the view. Usually, when I have been to the top of a building with Peter, I have just needed a bit of time to get used to being so high. The same thing happened in the Sydney Tower. To begin with I couldn’t go near the window but after several minutes I became more relaxed about it.

The sun had set by the time we reached the observation deck but the view was beautiful. My new camera is not terribly good but this is a picture that I took of Darling Harbour.

We spent quite a while enjoying the views then descended in one of the triangular lifts – they are really small! – having the intention of finding somewhere to eat.

We found a pasta/pizza place on Pitt Street and ate a delicious meal. I even managed to get a bit of money off the bill when I paid! Amazing!


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